apple-carrot popsicles

on friday, a. had his tonsils removed.  total suck-central.  we knew going into the surgery that the healing process for adults was twenty times harder than kids- so we prepped ourselves mentally and did what we could to make his recovery as painless as possible.

well, try as we may- he's miserable.  and i feel terrible.  mostly because there's nothing i can do to make it any easier or more comfortable for him.  so i'm doing what i do best- creating.  

to help with the pain, the doctors recommended ice-cold beverages and popsicles & ice cream.  a.'s not much of an ice cream fan (more for me!), so we choose the popsicle route.  i don't know if you've walked down the popsicle aisle lately, but there's nothing but sugar, sugar, more sugar and oh, some color additives.  there was no way i was going to let my poor, sick hubby spend the next two weeks sucking down sugar on a stick.  

somewhere between the popsicle aisle and the checkout line, i had a eureka moment.  i figured if he's eating popsicles for the next two weeks, i would make them as nutrient-rich as possible so he can not only heal faster but also get the vitamins he needs.  so on a mission, i stopped in the veggie section and grabbed a few of our go-to juicing ingredients.
4-5 carrots
3-4 apples
popsicle molds (pictured is a basic model found in the grocery store, but i also have these)

in a juicer, combine all ingredients.  stir juice well before pouring into the molds.  once all molds are full, put in freezer until completely frozen.  

as you can tell from the picture, the juice settles leaving the pulp at the base of the pop.  i can't figure out how to keep it even-steven throughout, but then again, i love ombre.  also, the flavor is awesome.  sweet and tangy and really refreshing (and all natural?  yes please!).  these are definitely going to be our summertime go-to treats.

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