auf wiedersehen germany.

germany was so, so good to us.  we spent the past 2 weeks exploring munich, germany and salzburg, austria.  there was so much to see and i feel as though we barely scratched the surface.  but for us & the time we had, it was utterly perfect.

more than anything, we drank up the european culture, german cuisine and marveled in the history that was.  right now i'm obsessed with europe- and finally after all these years, have seen the light.  some of my favorite things about germany and austria were:

cobble stone roads lined with towering buildings and kissing trees
slow-paced, multiple course meals
gelato.  lots and lots of gelato
snow capped mountain peaks riddled across the alps
walking for hours on end throughout the quaint villages and massive cities
cappachino.  all day, everyday
castles.  real, on-top-of-a-mountain-castles
one & two dollar coins
dunkle weiss beer.  preferably served in a giant glass
simple & fresh ingredients proved to make some amazing meals
u-ban, otherwise known as the underground railway
art everywhere.  in buildings, as buildings, parks, walls, etc.  
dog friendly restaurants, shops & even tours.  fantastic.

these pictures can only begin to explain how wonderful this time away was for us.  & as fantastic as it was and as happy as we were to spend some much-needed time with family, it sure feels great to be home!