san diego whale watching.

a couple sundays ago, a. and i went whale watching with my family.  my sister found tickets on groupon late last year and needed to redeem them before they expired in april.

lately, the marine layer around san diego has been really thick.  i'm not sure if this is a typical spring phenomenon and something i just don't remember, or if the weather's been a bit off.  either way, we arrived to the whale watching headquarters in mission bay crossing our fingers that we would find whales and the heavy fog would burn off.
the whale watching charter was san diego whale watch.  this was my first time whale watching out of mission bay, and i have to say, overall it was a great experience.  the staff was friendly, the boat clean and the narrator was ridiculously knowledgeable.  while we didn't see any whales (wha, wha) we did see plenty of dolphins and seals to keep my 4 year old nephew entertained.
the fog never really let up and while the sun popped out from time to time, it was a pretty chilly cruise.  luckily i brought a heavy fleece & managed to stay warm.  there's something magical about being on the ocean with a vast horizon of nothing but water around you.  personally, i love that feeling and enjoyed the ride despite our lack of whale sightings.
because we didn't spot any whales on the 3-hour tour, the crew passed out 50% off vouchers that we could redeem on our next voyage as we disembarked.  unfortunately, we went at the tail end of whale season, so we'll have to wait until next year to out these to use.  but don't get me wrong, we're so happy for an excuse to do this again.  we all had such a great time and agreed unanimously that this was a great way to spend a sunday morning.