dear photograph.

you know those fall-in-love-with-this websites?  the ones that have the power to make you laugh or cry (at the same time), want to reach through the screen and hug, slap or pinch the cheeks of someone on the other end?  well, today i found one of those. 

dear photograph is an absolutely awesome concept and i have to give three cheers (with jazz hands and a cartwheel) to this web master (even though you're anonymous- here's my shout out to you).  they mastered this genius idea around an old photograph and a memory.  basically, take an old photo, bring it to the same place in the present and capture the there & then along with the here & now.

there are so many pictures i'd love to "replicate" & my mind is reeling with possibilities.  i would love to take a few pictures back to our first home in san diego, family vacations, sunday night dinners, the lake in wisconsin and my grandparents house in michigan.  on another note, what a great anniversary or christmas gift this could be for family or friends.  snapshots of you and an old friend playing barbies or your parents cooking the thanksgiving turkey?  brilliant.

enjoy looking through it- and who knows, you could become part of the gallery.  i truly hope you enjoy this site as much as i do.

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