goodbye july, hello august.

dear july, where did you go?  doesn't it feel like july just started? to honor our too-short summer and a most fabulous month, here's what july felt like for me.
*spent the 4th of july hiking in letchworth with amazing friends and my furry little pup.  while i didn't see fireworks, i did see plenty of raging waterfalls and beautiful sights.
*a backyard unveiling, complete with a barbecue (sausage for the meat-eaters), boxed margaritas and a bit of hot tub acrobats.
*pool days and sunshine.
*long, stressful days at work.  our office is seriously short staffed and very disorganized.  hence why monday-friday is very long and very stressful.  some how though, we manage to have a good time.
*running club started.  and i'm officially not running as often as i should be.
*brewfest in vermont and a trip to ben & jerry's.  loved the hippie-fest on the lake so much, that i'm already making plans to visit in the fall.
*was so inspired by the local breweries with fantastic beer- and decided to attempt batch numero dos of a homemade brew (remember our first, successful batch?)
*i started a trx class.  i'm obsessed and seriously wondering if i could actually be an instructor one day.  
*paddle boarding and drive-in movies- resulting in a beautiful day on the lake with friends & a 4am night cap.
*i started an improv class.  main goal: to improve my public speaking.  secondary goal: to spend one night a week laughing my butt off.
*office nightmare.  after a fantastic weekend, we walked into ankle deep water and a "raining ceiling."  needless-to-say, we've been working from home while the place is under construction.
*speaking of which, i've realized i have a love/hate relationship with working from home.  i love being home, being able to make lunch, sitting in the space i worked so hard to make but on the other hand,  i hate not being around my coworkers & have no excuse to walk to starbucks or grab lunch.
 *i decided to re-decorate the hallway (i'll share some more with you later).  but i'm loving the outcome and ferociously planning more ideas for the rest of the house.
*my garden is exploding & i can't wait to start enjoying the fruits of my labor.

whoa.  i knew it was a busy month, but man- i actually managed to pack quite a bit in.  august is looking equally as crazy.  some good news, a. will be home in september (!!!)- so now in addition to everything on my plate, i'll be squeezing in some nesting & getting ready for his return.  i'm really looking forward to these next couple months!  

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