february: grow strong.

with great relief, i'm happy to announce we are on the back end of our transitional time here in san diego!  it's certainly been nothing short of a roller coaster ride & while we're still waiting on a few major components (ehem, our household goods for example), things are finally beginning to settle.  & that feels so good.

january brought with it a ton of changes; new jobs and a new home being the biggest of these.  a. & i sensed a storm was brewing so we prepped & planned and once the winds arrived, held on as tight as we could.  the winds have since subsided & we're still picking up the pieces, but things are now sunny and bright.

taking on this one little word has done wonders for me.  i'm much more focused in my goal-setting, and certainly this is because i'm focusing on one word and making sure i grow into it.  staying focused throughout january was tough, but by creating consistency in my life, i was much more adaptable and able to take on the change.

now, in february, my focus is to grow strong.  strong in our marriage, strong mentally & physically, obtain a strong understanding of my future career ambitions and our family as a whole.  strength is a virtue i constantly strive for, so this month i'm excited to not only focus on growing strong, but on these secondary goals as well:

  1. learn something new
  2. focus on quality time with a.
  3. move toward self-employment
  4. core workouts every day
  5. volunteer
again, i'm focusing on simple tasks.  little things that when i bring them to my life consistently, will help me grow strong.  i'm excited to find my strength in unexpected ways & truly believe february is ready to bring some amazing gifts our little family.

ps. interested to know more about one little word?  start here.  want to know how to get involved with this community?  join us here.  follow my voyage here.

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