our january via instagram.

as i'm sure i've said it a thousand times, one of the things i love most about instagram, is the collection of everyday photos i accumulate over the course of a day, week, month & year.  the ease of this fabulous social media outlet has promised a very cool way to capture all the little moments that tend to sneak by with little notice.
as mentioned, yesterday, january for us was the last 500 meters of our 2k sprint (crew reference anyone?).  it was a month of new firsts, a month of frustration and a month of celebrating life.  we started the year in big bear, spent a ton of family time together, found a place to call home, explored san diego via plane, boat and on foot.  we both spent the better part of the month getting things figured out job-wise.  soon, we had our careers lined up ready to take the next steps.  much to my dismay, my job fell through so i picked up a part-time gig until i could find something a bit more permanent.
as exhausting as a month might seem, these photo recaps are the perfect insight as too how good life is.  when i'm overwhelmed, frustrated or otherwise feeling down, i look at these pictures.  they remind me that despite what i might think at that moment, the culmination of our daily events and everyday moments create magic.  and that, is what makes life so very beautiful.

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