around here.

around here, we're getting back into the grove after a much-needed vacation to syracuse.
around here, we're enjoying sunsets and picnic dinners at the beach.
around here, we're continuing to celebrate our eight year anniversary.
around here, a. is studying for his commercial pilot licence & i am in my first week of a new job.
around here, we're striving for balance.
around here, we're making menus and cooking dinner every night (some meals are much better than others).
around here, i'm making lists and monthly goals- determined to get through at least some of them.
around here, i'm reading a short history of nearly everything by bill bryson & the seven spiritual laws of success by deepak chopra; both of which i'm enjoying.
around here, i'm excited about writing and getting back into blogging once again.
around here, we're finally settling in & finding our spots in this mighty city.

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