the august break.

these days, blogging has been on the back burner of my life.  it's not that i have a lack of things to say or lack time to say them, it's just that i'm spending my time in a different way these days.

so when i stumbled across the idea of the august break  hosted by susannah conway, i was intrigued.  over the past couple months i've been wanting to get back into blogging regularly but haven't taken the time to do so.

that's what makes the august break concept so brilliant.  based on the provided prompts (see below), everyday we share a photo.  that's it.  no pressure to find words or themes or something positively brilliant to share with the blog-o-sphere.
i think this is a great challenge to find motivation and rekindle inspiration.  so for the next month, i'll be sharing photos and very little words with you.  hopefully we both enjoy this process together and if you have a blog, please join the challenge as well.  happy august dear friends.

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