my january goals.

those of you who know me know i'm a big fan of goal setting.  way more than resolution making.  mostly because resolutions are daunting & tend to have an ominous "365 days" attached to whatever was promised.  with goals, i have the flexibility to ebb and flow my "resolutions"... & that's so much more my speed.

in years past i've gotten into the habit of making monthly goals.  sometimes they'll be simple- like reminders- and other times, they'll be focused and demanding of my time & energy.  but regardless of how big or small they may seem, they'll always be focused toward my personal growth.

this year, is no exception.  using embrace as my guide, i'm focusing on a monthly theme (in this case i'm embracing creativity) and mapping out a few goals i'd like to focus on.  this january, i'm diving into some creative eating habits, focusing a bit more on centering my mind and body with meditation and beautiful sky, and starting up my triathlon training.  right now, it's everything i need.

what are you hoping to embrace this month?

ps. i used the rhonna designs app to make this image.

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