recapping my january goals.

this january, i set out to accomplish a few minor goals, hopefully make a couple new habits and embrace creativity.  here's how it went:
make time for sunsets (or sunrises): seeing how i'm usually driving to work as the sun comes up and leaving well after it's down, this was much more difficult than i anticipated.  i did however witness some amazing sky magic on days i was lucky enough to get out early and on weekends when i took full advantage of this time of day.  to be honest, just being aware of this everyday beauty is something i really enjoyed throughout the month and something i'd love to continue throughout the year (please note, you've officially been warned of a possible over abundance of sky photos on my instagram account).
eat 10 days of whole food:  this my friends, was an epic fail.  mornings were my most successful "whole food" time of day but I still managed to drink way too much coffee and eat too many scones.  basically, i was eating out way too often and by the time we got home from work, mexican & chinese was suddenly way more appealing than homemade stir fry & dishes.  there will be a take two.

meditate regularly: i'm in the habit of meditating about 4 times a week.  and for now, that's better than nothing.  it's gradually becoming a habit and is definitely a tool i love having in my mindfulness toolbox.
start triathlon training: this month i dove (pun intended) back into swimming and started adding spin classes and weekend cycling into my routine.  it's been fun to mix things up & helped me remember why i love triathlons to begin with- the training never gets dull.
embrace creativity: this was hands down the most amazing goal of the month.  by setting this intention i found i was so much more creative on a daily basis.  i wasn't starved for ideas and really felt my creativity soar.  i only have 2 months left of my 2013 project life album, i'm learning to play guitar, started taking a pottery class with my mom, & i'm even having more fun getting dressed in the morning (hey, it's the little things!).  it's been amazing and while these creative outlets are overshadowing some everyday rituals, i find the spontaneity fulfilling.

so there you have it.  some goals were set and met with flying colors and others, well...not so much.  i realized when planning these monthly goals, i should try and link my goals with what i'm trying to embrace so everything works together instead of pulling in different directions.  it gives me something to think about but for now, when reflecting on all i've managed to complete in a month, i'm going to extend myself some grace & just be proud of all i have done and not dwell on the could-have-been.

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