we got cable!  it's been about 8 years since we were last connected to "the real world" so this is quite the novelty.  right now we're enjoying the olympics (so much), homeland & the walking dead.  i have to say, the olympics...man oh man...i'm such a sucker for almost every event, but hearing the athletes stories are the best.  i tear up every single time.

i'm swimming and biking quite a bit.  i haven't been able to get into running since the half marathon, so i'm giving myself time to get focus on some other activities.  the best part of living in san diego is that we can do this year round...and swimming outside in the middle of february?  i'll take it!

project life 2013 is finally complete.  i'm so happy to be done with that project.  while i loved it, it was a lot of work and i fell seriously behind.  when i was working on september in november there was a time i didn't think i'd finish.  but i kept my head down, wrapped up this massive project and love every single bit of it.  months ago i was assessing what i'd do this year and decided i'd keep it up but on a much smaller scale...like month to month.

i'm trying to get better at snail mail.  there's nothing better than a sweet note from friends to brighten the mailbox blues, so i'm doing my best to spread cheer far an wide.  i love how this blogger is scattering love.  totally inspired.

celebrating andrew in a big way.  for over a year he's been working diligently to get his instructor pilot license and just yesterday, he passed his check ride.  he's stoked.  i'm stoked.  this is very exciting news for us.
lastly, for the past 6 weeks, i've been taking a pottery class with my mom.  there's something so grounding about playing with clay.  the process is frustrating and rewarding and we're loving it.  if the next 6 weeks weren't already full, i'd be taking the class all over again.

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