lime ice.

a good friend of mine lives on a beautiful citrus ranch in san diego and whenever i visit, she always presents me with a generous bag of fruit- everything from limes to grapefruit.

a sucker for citrus, i never say no- even when i have an overwhelming quantity. so the other week, she gifted me a huge bag of limes and while i happily accepted, i expressed my uncertainty with what to do with so many of these tart little gems.  after all, a girl can only make (and eat) so many key lime pies!

it was then that she shared this brilliant recommendation: make lime ice.

so simple.  so genius.  so right up my alley.
i got to work almost immediately.  we have a single-serving juicer (and while perfect for small, seedless batches- i'll definitely have to get something a bit more hefty for the oranges and grapefruits) and juiced every single lime she gave us.  in the end, i filled about 4 ice cube trays of ice (about 20 limes).
i let the trays freeze and emptied the frozen cubes into a ziplock bag.  now we have lime juice on hand for smoothies, soups, salsas and even gin & tonics.  plus, adding a lime ice cube into water makes for a really special treat.  enjoy!

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