currently our garden is growing & i'm still in awe of our little broccoli.
currently spring cleaning and re-decorating.  there's something about a fresh space that makes us feel alive.
currently i'm trying my hand at watercolor.  i'm super proud of how this experiment turned out & can't wait to share the final project in a couple weeks.
currently crafting is the name of the game.  from watercolor to quilting, i'm feeling ridiculously inspired.
currently we're still enjoying the benefits of birthday flowers.
currently loving a rearranged bedroom and morning light through sheer drapes.
currently finding new restaurants in san diego to enjoy.  sometime a killer sandwich is the answer to all problems.
currently loving this quote.  it makes my heart happy & soul wild.
currently i'm still happiest by the sea.  add surfing, family & bonfires and an ordinary weeknight becomes extraordinary.

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