our hawaii photo book.

many years ago, my parents took my sisters & i on a trip to hawaii over thanksgiving.  it was the coolest way to spend the holiday.  we went to a luau, snorkeled, danced in rain, and found some awesome local adventures.  of course, we loved it and ever since then have wanted to make another trip back to paradise.
then this past november, the scheduling gods finally aligned and after many years of wishing and hoping, we got the entire family to celebrate another thanksgiving in maui.
we were there for a week or sand, sun & fun.  many new memories were made and many photos taken.  when we arrived home, i didn't know what to do with the photos.  i had already added a few of my favorites into my project life spread and didn't think an entire mini book was necessary.  then i remembered about artifact uprising.  a friend of mine posted a sneak peak of her book on instagram & i was intrigued.
it was one of the best decisions i've made.  i chose the softcover 5.5x5.5 book and just dragged & dropped the photos from our trip into my preferred layouts.  the entire book building process took me about 45 minutes- or in my case, an episode of scandal.  90% of the photos used were from my instagram feed so to be honest, i was nervous about the quality of the images since i didn't change the resolution.
but any worry was in vain.  the book turned out beautifully and the quality fantastic.  i love the recycled paper & matte images and in about 20 pages, i packed in over 100 photos memories.   let's just say i couldn't be happier.  this is the perfect memoir for our once-in-a-blue-moon family vacation.
please note: artifact uprising did not ask me to write this post.  the views are that of a very satisfied customer and are all my own.

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