a homemade christmas.

this probably isn't something i should share until after the holidays are over...but i can't help myself.  i know it's generally not kosher to share your gifts before giving them, but i thought this might be something worth making if you want to gift something handmade.  so here is an idea for those in your life who love to pamper and be pampered...homemade sugar scrub.
after a bit of research, i found most recipes call for the same basic ingredients: sugar and olive oil.  there are a few variations, but that's pretty much the bulk of it.  i found this recipe to get started and experimented with various essential oils, herbs and fruit.
the first couple body scrubs i made were tea tree and peppermint.  they smell ah-mazing!  then we experimented with lemon (hint: use lots of lemon peel and a light olive oil to avoid an olive oil scented scrub), rosemary and sage (i blended these in a cuisinart with olive oil and added them- separately- to the sugar with tea tree oil) and vanilla.  the scrubs that used the fresh herbs had a beautiful green hue and the others turned a soft yellow when thoroughly mixed.  

i found the jars at the dollar store (score), stamped and cut out the labels on textured card stock and wrapped the top of the jars with ribbon i had on hand.  i am so happy with the outcome and can't wait to make more.  i'll be using one as a tester but friends and family beware...homemade sugar scrub is coming your way!

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