best of 2010.

for me, the day before new year is about the challenges of the new year and the reflection of the year past.  basically, what made my 2010 so crazy-awesome & what will bring excitement and challenge for me come 2011?

it's always easier to start thinking about the new year than reflecting on the old, but it's really important to reflect...otherwise we don't learn from our "resolutions" or have the opportunity to embrace the successes & failures that come annually.  also, when i sit down and really reflect on how long a year actually is and how much i've accomplished over the past 365 days, it never fails to amaze me.

i would love to do this post vh1 style, but my comedian skills are rather lacking.  so instead, without further ado...here they are...my highlights of 2010.

*rang in 2010 with my best friend.  (my new year wish came true since he was *almost* home for an entire year before he had to leave again).
{photo taken by Chris}
*a. and i cross country skied for the first time together.  the conditions were perfect- a balmy 25 degrees, no wind and a soft powder that covered everything.
{highland forest}
*a part time job that allowed us the flexibility to come & go as we wished.  making it easy for a. and i to do everything we wanted while he was home.
*backpacking valentines weekend.  in the adirondacks.  in the snow.
*our first major diy project: the office.  it was a HUGE feat that involved a plumber, but we did it...in two weeks and we are *still* so proud of ourselves!
*trips.  to dc, ocean beach, va, san diego, nebraska, niagara falls & austin.
{san diego via sail boat}
{niagara falls}
*our second major project: the backyard.  this time it wasn't diy, but it was a huge decision.  one we're very happy we made.
{before, backyard}
{after-first breakfast outside}
*getting a csa.  this really improved the quality of food we were eating and made us much more aware of our health.
*wind surfing...hands down.
*spending as much time together as a. and i did.  i swear, we were like siamese twins and never, ever wanted to be separated.
*my new job.  that sent me to huntington beach & australia.  that challenges me to really make something of myself and pushes me to be the best.
*various concerts (dmb, little big town, rain, goo goo dolls) & a great lecture (michael pollan).
*our countless hours mountain biking & exploring new york with one another & friends.
*completed two races this year.  one triathlon and one 5k.  also a shout out to a. who completed his very first adventure race.  (his highlights are my highlights too!  such a proud wifey!)
*spent two weeks with my little sister in both dc and new york to celebrate her birthday and another week with my other little sis in nebraska to celebrate her 21st.
*purchasing our road bikes & using them often.
*the amazing support group of family & friends we have.  and their constant love for us.
*spending time with family for a delicious thanksgiving & a beautiful christmas.
{oh christmas tree}
whew!  we have a lot to be thankful for.  i had so much fun digging through the archives and re-reading my journal to come up with these tidbits.  but it was also much easier to remember everything now that we have a camera!  

we have also had a lot of sadness and stress and grief this year.  but the hard bits combined with the good ones make us who we are.  and hopefully as each year passes and the new one looms, i continue to love the person all those special times and tough times turned me into.

enjoy your last day of 2010!

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