i'll be home for christmas.

even if i have to fly half way around the world to get there.

last week i had an amazing 7 days of sun, sand, surf & gorgeous accents.  crazy, considering only 2 weeks ago i was posting pictures of the massive amounts of snow we've received.

thursday of last week i hopped a plane for australia.  for a company retreat.  not a bad place for "mandatory fun" (as a. refers to it).  the plane ride was long- like really long.  but to be honest, once we reached lax, it was hard to stay awake- making the flight from la to sydney a great time for some much needed zzz's.

we arrived in sydney at 6:30 am on saturday.  i still have a hard time wrapping my head around the concept that you lose an entire day when traveling around the world...but we made up for it on the way home.  as a matter of fact, i actually had two saturday dec. 18ths.  i won't bore you with the details of work and play, but here are some pics to recap the essence of oz and all the fun i had.

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