happy friday.

what a crazy week this was.  i had a case of mondays everyday & i'm just thankful it's over.  hopefully you have some fun weekend plans lined up.  mine should be a nice mix between play and a lofty to-do list.  either way, it's time out of the office.  nothing like livin' for the weekends!

here are a few things to brighten your weekend and keep you inspired.

a long list of ah-mazing blogs.  i only follow a few of these bloggers, so i guess i have some catching up to do.  how many blogs do you have time to follow?

a sweet diy for the weekend?!  i think yes.  i just love this idea and can't wait to give it a whirl.  what a great way to repurpose an old favorite that's currently living in the goodwill basket.

inspired to take a road trip and think a. and i should get ourselves a scamp.  they did such great job decorating it- i'd want to drive across the country if i had a place as cute as this to rest my head.

enjoy & happy weekending!

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