long overdue.

hello dear blogging friends.  obviously, i've been gone for a while.  without a camera or internet.  away from the everyday hustle-bustle.  just back, and ready to get this party started...again.  a few things have progressed since my time away...

*it's spring here.  finally.  the trees are budding and flowers have bloomed.  it also hasn't stopped raining since yesterday.  but i'm okay with that since it's a warm rain.  and warm rain brings thunderstorms.

*triathlon training has officially begun.  it's a bit later than i would have liked- but it started.  and that truly is the very best part.

*there was a loss over the weekend.  a soldier.  it was the worst news ever expected and unfortunately, despite the letters, and packages and random skype messages, it's tragedies like this that remind us we are at war.  and it sucks.  so please, please keep the soldiers both away and here in your thoughts.  we need them to be happy and healthy and safe...for us.  for them.

*a new comforter was purchased.  and ikea special- and i'm in love (for some reason it's not on the website- so hopefully i can reference it soon).

*my car broke down.  hundreds of miles from home.  it's fixed now- but man, it's unbelievable how much i rely on my coche.

*dinner, drinks, lunch, walks.  time spent with friends is so very important.  it keeps me balanced, sane and grounded.  friends are the best medicine.

*currently reading middlesex.  so far, so good.  

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