the ultimate sporting experience.

don't be jealous.  i'm totally hardcore. 

i signed up for my first-ever ultimate frisbee league and today was my first day- and game.  yikes!  the league is made up of four teams- with about 10-11 people per team.  every week, we rotate the teams we play and duke it out in a shirts vs. skins game....ahhhh....thank god that's not true- but it is pretty informal. 

we all showed up after work and/or class, made some quick introductions and hit the field.  the ground was still damp and the field was scattered with various after-school activities.  there are no field lights or goals so we played with cones and good 'ol fashioned sunlight.  ultimate frisbee games are generally played to 16, but we played until the sun went down.  i felt like i was a kid again- running up and down the field aimlessly (although, my teammates weren't to keen on my carefree style- especially since they knew i actually had no idea what i was doing) while trying to cover my "mark."  oh yea- i'm officially speaking ultimate. 

but it was a ton of fun.  and i felt cool.  especially considering i was one of the people on the team to score a goal!  some might say it's beginners luck (i might have to agree) but others might argue that my bizarre selection of frisbee-throwing boyfriends* helped condition me for a career in ultimate frisbee.  whatever the case, i did my team proud.  and i'm so excited for another tuesday night of ultimate frisbee. 

*for some reason, i always ended up dating guys who had a thing for frisbee.  one of my first boyfriends and i actually met playing frisbee.   then my last boyfriend- aka my hubby a., had a small run in with the end-zone in a game of ultimate frisbee and did a number on his shoulder- landing him in the always exciting, er.  maybe it was san diego living with a lot of time on the beach or at parks- but one way or another, the frisbee always returns to me.  and i guess i kinda like it.

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