...and it's june!

can you say woo-hoo?  now, just a little louder!  june is finally here!

ions ago i said ado to the love of my life as he boarded a plane for the remote lands of afghanistan.  we said, until june, and anxiously awaited for our time together.  and now the time has come.

over the past five years of our life together, june has been good to us.  very good.  
in june we said i do.  
in june we bought our first car.  
in june we purchaced our first home.  

so dear june, you're timing couldn't be more perfect.  a. and i have been apart for eight months (can you believe that?!?).  eight.  and now, more than ever, we're so ready to see each other and catch up on so much lost time.  

now that june has finally here, we'll spend two weeks together.  and the anticipation is killing me.  tomorrow, i'm flying to costa rica to meet a. for fourteen days of adventure, sunshine and love.  oh june, thank you for all you bring us.  for this is yet another wonderful tale we'll share as you pass through each year.

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