getting into the groove.

...and, i'm back!  actually, if i'm going to be honest, i've been home since thursday.  with so much to catch up on, the poor blog has been the furthest thing from my mind.  but now that i'm slowly getting back into the groove of life and work, 'tis time to write.

we had an amazing time.  like unbelievable.  the highlight of the entire trip was reuniting with a.-  hands down.  we spent two weeks exploring the rain forests and combing the beaches.  rappelling down waterfalls, surfing, zip lining and paddle boarding.  it was the perfect combination of active mornings and lazy afternoons.  tons of fresh fruit and plenty of adult beverages.  

all in all, we have over 2,500 photos to document these last 14 days.  i'll share highlights over the next couple days with plenty of pictures and little anecdotes.  if you know anyone heading to costa rica, smuggle yourself in their bag.  do whatever you can to get there.  it's a beautiful country with beautiful people and well worth the trip.  the colors are bound to take your breath away.  just you wait...i'll prove it to ya.

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