on a jet plane.

and here i go!  off to costa rica...to see a.!!!  as i mentioned yesterday, we have fourteen perfect days to spend together.  we're both flying into san jose (separately) and once we rendezvous (that's the problem with military travel...you never know when you're going to get there), we'll head to arenal.  

arenal is supposed to be a beautiful city at the base of an active, but dormant volcano.  we'll be spending a week exploring the rain forests, waterfalls, and caves.  then, with the help of a rental car, we're heading to the pacific- to spend another week on the coast.

granted, this is how we think everything will go.  we've opted to leave much of the trip open-ended so we can travel where we want, when we want.  and go where the wind blows us.  it's going to be an adventure alright...but we're ready...because we're gonna be exploring together.

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