bits & pieces.

well hey there!  i know, it's been a while.  i've been working a lot lately; not that i'm complaining or looking for pity- i actually really like working.  it keeps my mind occupied, challenges me, and provides me with the structure i need.  it also makes it so the very last thing i want to do when i get home is hop back on the computer to write posts and edit photos.

i'm not going to try to go back and share all the happenings of the last month in one post, but if you're following me on instagram, you'll know i'm definitely busy.  lots of local adventures, new and old restaurants, outside enjoyment, and finding the good in the everyday.
one of my biggest accomplishments over the past month was our container garden.  it's nothing like the massive garden we had in new york, but it's something and i love it and things are growing.
and despite all the busyness, i couldn't help but slow down to enjoy spring.  if there's one thing about a san diego spring, it's the flowers...so many flowers!  i forgot how beautiful san diego is in the spring.  it's been a nice reminder to stop & breath & remember that while we're still adjusting to our new lives, change can definitely be good.