this weekend was one of the first in a while where i had absolutely no plans.  so i lounged, tried to beat the heat, chatted with my love, continued the house hunt and spent some much needed time at the beach listening to some live reggae music and playing in the sand.

it was low-key, full of sun and my favorite peeps, and just what the doctor ordered.


hey there september.

this most-awesome quote welcomed me this past tuesday morning.  all with the flip of a calendar page my monthly mantra found me.  and it's so perfect for where i am right now.

i'm not quite sure what i expect of september, and honestly i think that's one of the best parts.  for the most part, i don't have anything out of the ordinary planned and yet on the other hand, september is unlike any month i've experienced since october of 2011.

as is always the case in military land, a. had to leave town for a while.  luckily he's only away for the month for training & so it's up to me to creatively fill my evenings, plan adventures and meals and keep things plugging along as regularly scheduled.  and for now they are.

i think it's best to keep september whimsical and unpredictable.  i'm hoping to get a couple projects started and catch up on others i've neglected over the summer.  i'm hoping to put my culinary skills to the test with some awesome fall-ish recipes.  i'm hoping make time to grow some new friendships and hit the pavement for some much-needed runs.  i'm hoping to make progress in the house hunt.

so those are my hopes.  depending on my productivity and stamina i may or may not accomplish everything that i'd like,  but i do know this, i'm right where i'm meant to be.