getting into the groove.

...and, i'm back!  actually, if i'm going to be honest, i've been home since thursday.  with so much to catch up on, the poor blog has been the furthest thing from my mind.  but now that i'm slowly getting back into the groove of life and work, 'tis time to write.

we had an amazing time.  like unbelievable.  the highlight of the entire trip was reuniting with a.-  hands down.  we spent two weeks exploring the rain forests and combing the beaches.  rappelling down waterfalls, surfing, zip lining and paddle boarding.  it was the perfect combination of active mornings and lazy afternoons.  tons of fresh fruit and plenty of adult beverages.  

all in all, we have over 2,500 photos to document these last 14 days.  i'll share highlights over the next couple days with plenty of pictures and little anecdotes.  if you know anyone heading to costa rica, smuggle yourself in their bag.  do whatever you can to get there.  it's a beautiful country with beautiful people and well worth the trip.  the colors are bound to take your breath away.  just you wait...i'll prove it to ya.


welcome to san jose.

i made it to beautiful costa rica!!!

i'm going to be off the radar dear friends (i'm sure you'll understand why).  in between our rainforest adventures and beach days, i'll do my best to post when i have free time...mostly pictures i'm sure.  

enjoy your next couple weeks.  i'll be missing you!


on a jet plane.

and here i go!  off to costa rica...to see a.!!!  as i mentioned yesterday, we have fourteen perfect days to spend together.  we're both flying into san jose (separately) and once we rendezvous (that's the problem with military travel...you never know when you're going to get there), we'll head to arenal.  

arenal is supposed to be a beautiful city at the base of an active, but dormant volcano.  we'll be spending a week exploring the rain forests, waterfalls, and caves.  then, with the help of a rental car, we're heading to the pacific- to spend another week on the coast.

granted, this is how we think everything will go.  we've opted to leave much of the trip open-ended so we can travel where we want, when we want.  and go where the wind blows us.  it's going to be an adventure alright...but we're ready...because we're gonna be exploring together.


...and it's june!

can you say woo-hoo?  now, just a little louder!  june is finally here!

ions ago i said ado to the love of my life as he boarded a plane for the remote lands of afghanistan.  we said, until june, and anxiously awaited for our time together.  and now the time has come.

over the past five years of our life together, june has been good to us.  very good.  
in june we said i do.  
in june we bought our first car.  
in june we purchaced our first home.  

so dear june, you're timing couldn't be more perfect.  a. and i have been apart for eight months (can you believe that?!?).  eight.  and now, more than ever, we're so ready to see each other and catch up on so much lost time.  

now that june has finally here, we'll spend two weeks together.  and the anticipation is killing me.  tomorrow, i'm flying to costa rica to meet a. for fourteen days of adventure, sunshine and love.  oh june, thank you for all you bring us.  for this is yet another wonderful tale we'll share as you pass through each year.