ah november

i always find november so appealing.  it humbly arrives after a wild and rambunctious holiday.  it graciously brings warm feelings of the holidays, chilly weather, festive gatherings & warm hearty food.  about this time i often find myself dreaming of decorations for the table, hot cider, warm fires, christmas wrapping ideas, holiday plans & all the yummy cookies i’m bound to enjoy this season.  snow is starting to fall, so this year, it already feels real.

(in my opinion) i have a busy month ahead of me.  i’m starting my workout regime so between that and my day job, my days are already really full…and let’s be honest, exhausting.  i’m also working on a project for a.(i started it over the weekend and am so excited to hear what he thinks) & i will post it once he gets it.  i also started (today is day dos) a 2-week mini book class with elise. while this isn't a huge time commitment, i want to make sure i’m getting the most out of it.  also, my official "list of things to do while a. is away" begins today as well (actually yesterday, but you know what i mean).  i'll be sure to share that montrosity so you can cheer me on!  whew.  there's a lot on my plate. 

 but none the less, welcome november!  i’m just relieved october is over.  time for something new.

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