a holiday weekend.

i love a fun-filled holiday weekend.  while i spent plenty of time playing catch-up, i also spent some much needed time with friends and working on projects. 

saturday got off to a rough start with a 4am wake-up call from atticus (one of our two dogs).  poor things decided he absolutely couldn't hold it anymore.  it's times like those i wish i had a doggy door.  i decided to make cookies for a get together i was attending later that evening.  since i hate to bake, this was a huge feat.  i found what appeared to be a yummy pumpkin chocolate chip recipe and started to bake.
how yummy do those look?  well, with six cookies cooling in the pan, and the rest on the baking racks i went about my day.  sometime while i was getting ready, atticus decided to help himself to a treat.  and this is what i was left with...
so, the trick was on me.  you win some and lose some i guess.  i made it to the fiesta with six cookies and a great story. 

the rest of the weekend was full of typical holiday activities...eating, crafting and spending time with friends.  look at this amazing pumpkin my friend carved- isn't it lovely?
now with the holiday season in full swing, i'll have to give the cookies another shot.  only after the dogs are outside.

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