a lofty list.

i started a twenty-seven while 27 list a while back.  well after i was 27 but with enough time ahead of me to know i could accomplish this list.  then, as a. started to pack his bags, i started yet another list.  a list of things i would accomplish while a. is away.  doing this helped me get excited about the year to come & the things i would be able to do (and brag about not only to myself, but a.- and now you).  so here is my list.  some of which i've done, but want to do again and other things i've always wanted to learn & do.

learn to play one song on the guitar
go cross-country skiing
scuba dive
volunteer for an organization
find a church
learn to roll a kayak
bake bread (and no, banana bread doesn't count)
partake in three triathlons (different distances preferred)
learn to use a sewing machine & make stuff
get a library card & use frequently
join a biking club
do a polar bear plunge
reduce my reliance on paper towels
decorate our bedroom
learn photoshop elements
start/join a book club
learn to snowboard...well
take a letter press class
go rock climbing (indoor & out)
plant a garden
learn to can
learn to use my camera

so there it is.  my lofty list for the year.  and the best part is, that doesn't include my goals for each month.  i'll be sure to share those sometime as well, but i might get overwhelmed if i do it now.  now i just need to prep myself for the fun & learning ahead of me and the glorious feeling of drawing a line through that accomplished task.  it's fun to have something to look forward to.

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