first week paperless.

to be honest, i thought this would be a cinch.  seriously.  i really try to be aware of my waste, but once i eliminated disposable products from our kitchen, only then did i realize how much i actually rely on them.  for example, i put my oatmeal in ziplock bags each morning, i cleaned mirrors with paper towels, i placed paper towels over my food when microwaving, and i cleaned the stove and counter tops with lysol wipes.

i've had to adjust some of my habits, and really, once i came to terms with it, it wasn't that hard.  i keep my oatmeal in tupperware, i use microfiber cloths for the mirrors as well as dusting and that old trusty sponge becomes my go-to when cleaning after my cooking sessions.  as for the paper towels in the microwave...i'm still figuring that one out.

some "green" supplies i'm pining after are:
-unpaper towels.  these would be a great alternative and i wouldn't feel horrible about wiping up spills and other messes as i do now with my hand towels.
-glass storage.  you can never have too many.  it's a great way to always know what leftovers you have on hand, an alternative to plastic wrap and sandwich bags, and for frozen storage.  i saw a great tip here for storing frozen meals, so hopefully your freezer won't be full of containers.
-reusable bags.  luckily these can be found everywhere, but there are a few that have caught my eye: these, these, these and these.
-and i'm currently making my own cleaning solutions using some of the information i found on this website.

only once did i break.  and this reason involved a big, fat spider.  i neglected to take a picture to share- i was too concerned that it would run away and hide under my pillow.  i had a friend over and she's the one who spotted it.  so i wasted no time and grabbed a paper towel and basically i feel this use is completely justifiable but felt i needed to share since i did, technically, break the rule.  only after the fact did jen inform me about the broom method (smash and slide).  indeed, there is no waste- but you'll have spider guts down the side of your wall.  yuck.

so... so far, so good.  i'll continue to post as the process continues to evolve.  and any comments you might have that will help me through this process are greatly appreciated.

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