happy 2011!!

'tis the season for resolutions and new beginnings.  i'm not a fan of new year's resolutions since they tend to fizzle come march, so in leu of these, i make lists of things i would like to do each year.  kinda like a mini bucket list if you will.

at the moment i currently have two running lists.  my twenty seven while 27 and my lofty to-do list that i started when a. left.  i decided today would be the perfect time to re-address these lists. 

part of me thinks i should keep the lists separate so i can revamp & reassess come march and october, but another part thinks if i merge these lists and keep them together & organized, i'll be more inclined to complete everything.  so, in the spirit of new beginnings, i've decided to merge the two.

and here is the new list for 2011.  

1. learn to play one song on the guitar
2. walk dogs 365 miles
3. go cross-country skiing
4. take a floral design class
5. scuba dive
6. volunteer for an organization
7. find a church
8. learn to roll a kayak

9. finish honeymoon scrapbook
10. bake bread (and no, banana bread doesn't count)
11. partake in three triathlons (sprint, olympic & half iron)
12. learn to use a sewing machine & make stuff
13. get a library card & use frequently

14. get comfortable using clipless petals
15. read 6 biographies
16. join a biking club
17. do a polar bear plunge

18. organize the basement
19. reduce my reliance on paper towels

20. go on a vacation (passport required)
21. decorate our bedroom
22. learn photoshop elements

23. embrace snail mail & write letters more often
24. start/join a book club
25. backpack
26. learn to snowboard
27. take a letter press class
28. go rock climbing (indoor & out)
29. plant a garden
30. learn to can
31. learn to use my camera

32. sugar-free for 30 days
33. skydive

so there you have it.  i only had a few things left from my twenty seven list...and i have to admit this is rather intimidating.  but everything listed is fun or will be an improvement to me.  and really, over the course of 365 days, why shouldn't i be able to complete everything on this list?

what are your resolutions for 2011?

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