on inspiration.

lately i've been having the hardest time finding inspiration in the day to day.  and then to translate my lack of inspiration to this blog is well, down-right impossible.  

so instead, i've found myself stressing about posts.  
and finding the right topic.  
and having plenty of pictures.

but when all is said and done, let's be honest.  hopefully you might find some enjoyment from this blog (and i really hope you do).  but its for me.  & it's for a.  and if i force posts and ideas and pictures, then the blog won't reflect me or my thoughts.  and i'd like to keep it real.

so many of my blogging reads are so good about posting daily.  one day, i would love to be that organized and thought-focused & awesome.  but for now i'm not going to force the process.  I'll take it in stride and let each day dictate the blog of tomorrow...for now.

so here's to keeping it real from a wanna-be blogger's point of view!

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