november mini book.

over the weekend, i worked on some mini books.  november in particular was really quick & easy.  i didn't have too many pictures from the month- so it came together much faster than i thought it would.  another reason i love mini books- you can finish one in a day.  

as you'll notice, i have still have to bind it.  silly me, i shipped the october mini book to a. without making a template of where i need to punch the holes.  but you get the idea...
i tried to give november a different feel while keeping with october's simplicity.  the months still have to flow together since ultimately, this will be one mini book.  i kept a lot of the same sewing patterns, photo layouts and labels to keep the storyline consistent.  but let's be honest, it's the pictures that do all the talking.  


*you can view the rest of the pages here

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