spending habits.

note to self: bring lunch.  every. day.  no matter what.

last week i managed to forget my lunch.  everyday.  i meant to pack it, but for some reason i opted to live off cereal all week.  and let me tell you, cereal doesn't make very good leftovers.  so i opted to live the life of a city girl.  i used my lack of planning as the perfect opportunity to enjoy the fabulous downtown dining scene.  i spent a week enjoying pastas and soups, salads and sandwiches.  it was heaven.

but hell for the wallet.  every saturday i balance our account to make sure we stay within our budget.  that's right, we have a budget.  anyway, just for kicks i decided to total up my week of luxury and almost feel out of my chair.  $42.25.  yep.  forty two dollars on lunch.  yikes!

to put it into further perspective, i decided to ponder all the different things i could have bought for $42.00 or less....

- a tank of gas (and a pack of gum, bottle of water, and maybe even some peanut m&m's)
- two trips snowboarding.  yep- two.
- a trip to the doggy spa & a pedicure for myself.
- concert tickets.
- a months gym membership.
- two weeks of groceries.
- a great haircut.
- a new pair of really great gloves (very important since i sadly lost one)
- a gallon of paint.

...ah.  i have to stop.  i get it.  bring lunch. everyday. no matter what.  and i recommend you do too.

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