winter in niagara

two of my co-workers are in the u.s helping us gear up for a few upcoming conferences.  one, from south africa and the other from australia.  while here, they really wanted to see niagara falls (can you blame them?).  i couldn't wait to see the falls in the winter so i happily volunteered to chauffeur.  

we are about 3 hours from niagara, so generally, the drive isn't that bad.  unfortunately, we hit really bad weather the entire drive east.  a lot of snow, wind and sleet.  i thought the entire trip was going to be a bust.  once we arrived to the falls, the weather stopped- but it was still very cloudy.

the iconic falls are unlike anything i've ever seen.  the sound of them hits you first.  then, you see the mist, rising against the sky & finally the falls.  they're mesmerizing.  the last time i was in niagara was september- right before a. left.  here is a picture from that trip...
and here is one from my trip over the weekend.
i was blown away by the contrast.  it was beautiful.  peaceful.  and stunning.  unlike anything i had ever seen.  oh, and cold.  really cold.  the mist sprays everywhere and on everything.  in some areas i felt like i was on the moon.  the best part?  we were some of the only people there.  
generally, niagara is swarming with people.  lines miles long & you practically have to elbow people to get a decent view of the falls.  granted, in the winter everything is closed (sorry folks- no maid of the mist tours), but in a way, it's almost nicer.  

everything- and i mean everything was frozen- thanks to the mist.  i've never seen anything so beautiful in my life- just don't stand under the trees...falling ice!
finally, we had the rare opportunity to feed the wildlife.  while we were walking to the restroom we walked over a bunch of whole, shelled peanuts on the path.  curious, we picked some up, cracked them open in our hand, and waited.  patiently.  and it was worth the wait.
feeling like a princess! :)
we really lucked out.  it was a beautiful day and i'm jealous of myself for being able to visit the falls in the winter.  if you ever have the chance, i highly, highly recommend making the trip!

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