easter. a week (or two) later.

easter weekend was spent in michigan with my grandma and moshu, aunt, uncle and cousins.  believe it or not, the drive from syracuse isn't long at all.  about 6 1/2 hours via canada (not including a few stops for gas and wait time at the borders).  but when push comes to shove, it's not all that bad.  even when riding solo.  

after a great drive- despite the weather, i made it over the bridge from canada and onto the home stretch.  then, 6 miles from my grandparents house, my car died.  seriously.  i had to call a tow truck to get it to an auto repair place.  and of course, because if it wasn't already bad enough, i got in a) late enough that everywhere was closed and b) on a holiday weekend, guaranteeing no one would be open.  needless to say, i was planning to drive home monday, so this was just fabulous*.

despite the car issues, the weekend was outstanding.  spring was in full bloom & i had so much fun spending time with the family.  we ventured to ikea and i picked up some great duds for the casa.  a duvet cover, candle holder, shelf, and a colander.  my grandma and i drove around michigan looking at homes and neighborhoods.  i watched dumb & dumber with moshu.  easter brunch at la sala (i convinced the cousins to dip bacon in the chocolate fountain.  i totally would have, but the vegetarian thing go the best of me).  hiked for miles with radley and saw deer, wild turkey & peacocks.

it was such a great time that i'm determined this will become an annual tradition.  i figure next year, in addition to radley, i'll have my favorite travel buddy with me and the road could go on forever and ever.  our car could die (although this wouldn't be preferable) and with our easter baskets packed, and a long weekend ahead of us, it'd be another adventure in the making.

*my car got fixed.  luckily, it sounded worse than it really was.  the nice guys at the auto shop took the time to fix it first thing in the morning since i told them i had to get on the road.  long story short, the guys back home didn't put my calipers on right after fixing my brakes.  with a short adjustment in michigan, the car was up and running in no time.

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