30 years.

my parents met in high school and fell in love.  they dated through college and after they got married, they had four two little girls & moved from michigan to california with nothing more than a dream.  together they started building a little life and had two more little girls.  they sacrificed so much to make sure their babies went to the best schools, were involved in the right activities and had the opportunities to do amazing things. 

they surrounded us with music, art, mechanics, the outdoors, bike riding and tennis games.  we learned to play racquet ball on the outdoor courts and went on morning trips to home depot.  we went to fish markets and farmers markets.  learned to make floral arrangements and use our very best manners.  they gave us the ultimate childhood, bundles of love and so much more.

these dreams came with sacrifices.  there were hard times and long days.  but throughout the years, they stayed united and fought to build a better life for their little ladies and themselves.  now, 30 years later, they support one another and continue to follow their dreams and work toward their goals.  they have such a unique, honest & genuine love for one another.  it is my dream that over the next 30 years, that love continues to grow and continues to build upon this beautiful relationship.

a very happy anniversary to my mom & dad.  thanks for forever being amazing role models and proving to us over and over again, that love really does conquer all.
{a. with my mom & dad}

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