april goals: update.

so...things haven't been going too well on the goal front.  at this rate i should have stuck with my march goals and just finessed those a bit longer.  but i'm ambitious & have a tendency to over commit and not always follow through.  please don't judge.

here's the recap:
just start- damn, am i trying.  i finally started a quilt i've been dying to try last sunday & haven't touched it since. yay for committing (sarcasm).  we're eating out way more than we should and our life is getting more and more disorganized by the day.  we talked about this last night and are trying to figure out the best ways to make some healthy changes.

organize posts & blog regularly- ha.  as any of you dear readers know, this might be my worst month yet.  i sure have plenty to say, but because i'm not organizing my pictures or my thoughts, i've had a serious case of writers block.  so instead of adding more stress to this little life, i'm letting the words come organically.  hence the lack of blogging & random posts.  my apologies!

run longer distances- if you call 3 miles a long distance, then i'm doing great.  but to get into half marathon & triathlon shape, i need to start pounding the pavement and get some serious miles under my feet.  oh, and did i mention a. & are are doing our first adventure race on may 5th?  yea.  so. not. prepared.
suspension training- good news to report!  this, i have been doing.  not consistently but at least twice a week.  i love it and am totally hooked.  we set up our basement to act as a mini-gym and have a suspension trainer hung and ready for use at a moments notice.
buying a brush- i should probably explain this a bit since yes, i know it's random.  i haven't owned a brush since high school.  how on earth, you may ask, do i get by?!?  well, i use my fingers as my brush- and it's been working great for some 12+ years!  but i knew i needed to do something so i broke down and bought this...
i know, i know...over the weekend my dear friends broke the news to me as well...this is not a brush.  but it's a huge improvement for me and it works for now!

one photo a day- this hasn't been too shabby either.  i take most of my in the morning or after work since that's when all the action is.  next week i'm looking to participate in ali edwards week in the life.  i say looking because most of my week will be spent in atlanta for a conference- so things will be very busy & at the same time, very cool.  i just hope my boss doesn't mind if i'm taking a ton of pictures throughout the day!
spiritual growth- thanks to my fabulous friend kate, a. and i have found a church that we really enjoy.  while we're still more sunday attendees than anything else it's been nice to have a place to go and connect with a new community.  we're enjoying our new weekly tradition and intend to keep it up.

looking at the recap, i guess things could be worse!  this months not over yet and despite all the travel next week, there's still plenty of time to continue building my goals.

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