no knead bread.

lately, i've been on a major bread-making kick.  i'd been dying to learn how to bake it, sans bread machine, and finally decided it was time to just start.  bread making, all said and done, isn't complicated, but it sure is intimidating & you definitely want to make sure you have the time to let it sit, rise and bake.  

after perusing through pinterest, i found a recipe that seemed simple enough and went for it.
adjustments: none.  i figured if i can't bake bread while following a recipe, this might not be the best hobby for me.

review: we LOVED this bread.  gobbled it up in less than a day.  the crust was crunchy and perfect & the center had great flavor and was so soft.  i probably could have let it bake a tad bit longer (i didn't have a thermometer as recommended), but we'll definitely be making this recipe again.  total keeper.

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