motivational monday // just start.

*back by popular demand...motivational mondays!  i hope these posts continue to bring encouragement & motivation to your everyday.

generally, i love to make lists.  big, long, to-do lists.  when i turned twenty nine i was 90% certain i would make a thirty things to do before thirty list.  but with my monthly goals and all the craziness that's in store for this year, i knew i had to be practical.  this january i choose one word to help me better, empower, and improve myself: commitment.  by taking on a large list, i would completely negate the challenge i set for myself earlier this year.

so i knew i needed to do something else.  i considered a project challenge and a photo challenge and a workout challenge- but then when i thought about it, these were all things i did anyway.  or at least things i wanted to do.  & that's when i decided i needed a mantra.
this mantra is so simple.  just.  start.  it's easy to remember and the perfect motto for where i am in life.  i feel like i'm ready to take on the world, but most times, i'm so overwhelmed with where to start.

if you're anything like me, you're in the exact same boat.  you have a garden that needs tending or a button that needs sewing.  you might have massive projects that you've been dying to take on and are too intimidated to start or you're still sitting on those 10-20 additional pounds that won't seem to budge. then this is for you.  

just start.  close the computer and pull out your knitting needles or print those pictures you've been dying to scrapbook.  if you're at work, make a list of one manageable thing you can do tonight.  walk for 15 minutes?  perfect!  cut fabric strips for your quilt?  just start!  you'll never regret starting a project or endeavor & if you're heart is truly in it, somehow you'll find the time to make this a priority.  

be sure to remember that while you may want to do it all (now & today!) its important to step back and remember that baby steps are key.  you didn't build those pinterest boards or put on the weight overnight.  set small, weekly goals  and revel in the little accomplishments (having little milestones not only makes things less daunting, but a ton more fun).  it's also important that you don't spend your precious time comparing yourself to anyone.  been there, done that- and trust me...your time can be much better spent!

so do yourself a favor & commit to just start one thing this week.  just one.  i guarantee after you do, you'll feel so excited and suddenly, your list will feel that much more manageable. 

I first saw this slogan on Elise's shop  

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