a long easter weekend.

thursday morning my sister and her little man flew out to spend easter with us & it was wonderful.  better than wonderful, in fact.  having her and niko around, totally made my month & easter that much more special.  it has been 4 years since she's visited our little home and i was more than happy to show her around.

while in town, we took them to their first hockey game and road-tripped to michigan to spend the weekend with our extended family.  to break up the 8-hour road trip, we stopped in buffalo to meet up with one of my sister's old roommates for coffee and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring niagara falls.  it was a beautiful day- so we really lucked out- & lindz got some awesome shots (although the below pic is courtesy of niko).
after an remaining five hour ride, we finally arrived in michigan.  my other sister had arrived that evening as well, so it was a full house.  we spent the rest of the weekend catching up with one another and the family, playing cards, games, hiking in my grandparents backyard, exploring ann arbor (of all weekends we had to visit, it was hash bash) and celebrating easter- complete with a brunch & an egg and beer hunt.
the ride home wasn't too bad, but the weekend went much faster than i would have hoped.  i had so much fun sending time with everyone & loved the all the company.  especially that of the little man who can belt out jason aldean's dirt road anthem, asks "why?" after everything you say, and starts each sentence with "an jen."  melts my heart.
it was a totally awesome easter & we had such a great time.  this is the second year i've trekked it to michigan to spend the holiday with our grandparents and family & i hope to keep this tradition alive for more years to come.

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