around here//springtime.

around here i'm soaking in spring.  i'm loving the bright pops of color, cool mornings, warm days, and longer hours.  there's something so revitalizing about all the regrowth.  now that we're sticking around san diego, i'm doing my best to learn about the plants and flowers in our area that i'm loving.  eventually, when we have our own little backyard, i hope to incorporate some of these springtime faves into the landscaping.
around here i'm celebrating my birthday a bit early.  i ventured out to a new restaurant with a few friends (also celebrating their special days) for a unique dinner at a farm-to-plate style restaurant.  we had so much fun sampling the different cuisines and catching up over our shared meals.  over the past week i've been reminiscing about my last 29 years, reflecting on life and dreaming & goal-setting for the future.  i'm hoping to be organized enough to share many of these thoughts before tuesday, but the way things are going these days, we'll see.
around here i'm totally enjoying my new job.  i'm working at a unique venue, planning weddings and other special events.  it's exactly what i've been looking for and as silly as it might sound, finding this job and loving what i'm doing, seems as though it was my final step towards happiness.  with everything together and this final piece in place, i'm officially content in every way.  and that rocks.
around here, i'm exploring our new neighborhood and all the trails around us.  we are surrounded by nature.  just when i think i have a grasp of where i am, i find new trails leading to new & beautiful destinations.  this is definitely my favorite.

while i've been away from this space more than i'd care to admit, i'm relishing in our new life in san diego and enjoying the way i'm spending my time.  the new job transition has put a kibosh in my schedule and i'm definitely struggling to regain my balance.  but in the time i do have and the time i make for myself, these new experiences are making me so grateful to be back.

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