our almost-complete san diego home.

settling into our new home pretty much took over our lives.  living among boxes just wasn't an option.  so with whatever free time we had between work & other obligations, we unpacked.  slowly, but efficiently.  we purged so much stuff we probably should buy stock in goodwill.  eventually, we started seeing the light and our home went from this...
to this.  with most of the big stuff either out of the way or in it's new home, we started working on the details of the space.  finding a home for everything and getting things organized is my favorite part of moving.  a. & i are pretty systematic, so we were nervous we were going to lose a lot of our organization in this new home.  but found, as things started finding their homes, we found despite the new placements and minor tweaks, we could maintain our organization style with similar systems we had in place in new york.  & that is awesome
eventually, things were falling into place.  we started with the kitchen, doing our best to organize our most frequented space.  once the kitchen was settled, we moved to the main room.  as we arranged (& rearranged) furniture, we figured out where some of the smaller, more decorative items would live.  then, room by room, we continued with this process until eventually, our home looked like this.  
i'm so happy with this little space.  the bright colors, the natural light, having our furniture, our appliances, a place to enjoy meals & eventually, host celebrations...it's perfect for us.
we still have a ways to go until every room is complete.  right now, everything is livable and organized and i'd say we're about 70% settled.  once we finish our bedroom, office and two bathrooms, i may never leave the house.  it already feels so much like home.  & that's the final piece of this whole transition puzzle.

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