our newest home addition.

it's no secret i've been swooning over succulents.  i've always been a big fan, but now that we're back in san diego i feel like i can really start to incorporate them into our home.  i love that they are local, drought tolerant & bring so much color and character to any space.  also, if you're not afraid to look like a crazy person, you can take cuttings from common spaces (or ask friends for clipping from their plants) and regrow them without paying a dime.
now that our main room is mostly set-up, i decided it was time to bring in some plants.  most of our plants found new homes before the move, so in an effort not to spend a ton of money on a space we're only hoping to live in for a year, the grow-your-own-succulent idea really spoke to me.  so for the past couple weeks, anytime we traveled and i happened upon a succulent i liked, myself or my mom or sister would snag one.
i kept the cuttings on our back porch (some upwards of a week) until i had a decent collection.  then, repurposing some of our old office supplies (i found these white "vases" at ikea a few years ago in the kitchen wall organization section.  unfortunately, it looks like they're no longer sold online.), i filled them up with potting soil and some left over peat moss and planted the succulents.
we hung them in an empty space near the patio door & they are now one of the first things we see each morning.  i love them and am nothing short of obsessed.  they tie in perfectly with the succulent wreath that hangs on our door and as they grow, i know that they will never go to waste.

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