welcome back.

hello march.  i'm so happy to see you.  march, much like january, reminds me of starting anew.   the flowers blossom, the trees bud, and it seems as though everything around me is starting fresh.  and who doesn't love a fresh start?

i took a much-longer-than-anticipated blogging hiatus in february.  once that third week hit, i just felt like i needed a break.  so i took one.  then, all our home goods arrived and we lived in the chaos of boxes and unpacking for the past week and a half.  for the most part, everything is now unpacked and we have the fun part of decorating, hanging, and bringing it all together.  and i'm so happy here.

i'm setting goals this month, planning to share our new home and some recent adventures, working on a few diy projects and making time to enjoy the surprisingly warm spring weather.  i'll be around for a while longer, and for those of you who come back time and time again, thanks for bearing with me and your continued support!

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