31 adventures.

last year, i attempted to go on and document 30 different adventures.  while i'd like to think i accomplished this, i didn't share any of these adventures and therefore, fell short of completing this challenge.  so, i decided to try this again.  i'm increasing the number (slightly) to 31 adventures to honor my 31st year.  much like last time, this challenge can include anything from day hikes to international travel.  as long as i'm exploring some place new or trying something new, it will count.

the mission of this challenge hasn't changed: get outside, try something new, and make some memories. how i'm presenting these adventures however, will change.  in order for the adventure to count, i have to document and share my experiences here.  this will not only help me take more pictures and hold myself accountable, but also get me writing a bit more.  i really want to have regular features on this blog, and i think this challenge could help.

also, to keep my one little word thriving throughout the year, i'm hoping that by embracing nature, travel, adventure & new activities this challenge will help me embrace where we live and all that i love (or think that i might love) to do.

i'm so looking forward to this challenge and can't wait to share all my adventures with you!

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