my march goals: update.

things for march are on track.  i've deviated in some places sure- but for the most part, i'm doing pretty darn good if you ask me.

for example, i participated in lent & decided to give up sugar.  i made it a little over a week & then a friend got married, had an amazing sweets table with the cutest desserts and itty-bitty bamboo spoons, and i caved.  but then i jumped back on track only to lose my mind over a chocolate milkshake after our weekend of sailing.  sugar is crack.  no doubt about it.  for the most part, i'm really good during the week & then over the weekend- i give in.  next week i'll be diving into a delicious homemade rhubarb pie to celebrate my birthday (!) & if that's not reason enough to fall off the wagon one last time, i don't know what is.  regardless of the falls i've had a long the way, the fact that i'm saying no to sugar more than yes, is making me feel pretty good about this challenge.

as for the other goals i set for march: i'm running, swimming & biking at least 4 times a week.  i'm super happy with that.  my sister decided to join me for a triathlon this year so we're going to start training together.  we're thinking about doing a big one in september which gives us plenty of time to get our butts in gear.
cooking is becoming fun again!  i rearranged our kitchen so we have more counter space to prep dinner.  it's not a huge improvement, but it's something.  i've been making a point of going to the farmers market a couple times a week as well and am finding lots of inspiration in the seasonal produce.  making my heart & our tummies happy campers.

as for the bedroom- well, this spilled from the bedroom to the bathroom to the office.  on the plus side, we have 2 totally new & functional spaces that are a million times better than what we started with.  i'll just have to roll the bedroom project over to next month.

and surfing.  this hasn't happened yet- but there's talk that we might go this weekend.  the forecast is calling for sun, sun & surprise, more sun, making for an otherwise perfect weekend that much better.

so there it is, my monthly progress report.  i'm really happy i was able to stay on track this month.  there have been quite a few distractions, but there's something so rewarding that comes from getting things accomplished & crossing these mini-goals off my list.  making the effort of staying focused, totally worth it.

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