birthday celebrations.

yesterday was my birthday.  can you believe it?  part of me feels as though years have past while another part of me can't believe i'm already a year older.  it's the paradox of life.
this year, i spent my birthday in new york city.  it was a whirl-wind trip, but despite the massive amounts of travel, it was a great day.  some of my favorite people drove down from syracuse to join me for the night.  we had dinner at friedmans lunch- a trendy, urban restaurant and later settled in for the night with some cocktails, chocolate cake & catching-up.  there's no doubt, this was the highlight of my trip.
then yesterday, i went to a meeting in the morning and spent the rest of the day traveling home.  luckily everything was seamless and once in san diego, andrew and i met up with my mom & sisters for drinks and appetizers to celebrate the big 3-1.  it was a great trip, and while the day was very normal and low-key (in a jet setter kinda way), it still goes down as a wonderfully, memorable birthday.

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