my march goals.

unlike last month, i'm sharing these goals early so i can not only hold myself accountable, but also share on my progress.  i'm really wanting to make a couple habit changes (eating dinner at home more often & moving more) throughout the year, so there will be some repeating goals month after month and despite a busy schedule, i really need to hold myself accountable to finish a few projects (i.e. our bedroom)- so there will be some repeating with those big projects as well.

all and all, march is such a fun month for us.  andrew and i both celebrate birthdays- one at the very beginning and one near the end of the month- so we do our best to celebrate this life and partake in as many adventures and reasons to celebrate as possible!  while i'm always excited for goals, i'm really hoping these will help keep me on track this month.  i feel really good about february- if only i can carry over my productivity into march as well.

how are you hoping to get organized this month?

ps. i used the rhonna designs app to make this image.

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